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NMEDA Presents: Comprehensive Automotive Mobility Solutions (CAMS) for Case Managers Working with People with Disabilities and Their Caregivers

An introduction to provider resources from Automotive Mobility Equipment and Driver Rehabilitation Specialist providers. We will provide a general overview of the Automotive Mobility Industry, the key stakeholders that work together to provide automotive mobility solutions, and the “road map” process to follow when looking for mobility solutions.

CMSA Members: Free 
Non-Members: $40 
CEs: 1 Hour Nursing, 1 Hour CCM

October 23, 2019 at 1pm CT

CM Practice Spotlight: Acute Care and Worker’s Comp Case Managers; a Necessary Alliance

In order to maintain the necessary care coordination and transitions of care for the injured worker, communication between the acute care case managers and the worker’s compensation case managers is critical.

Case Managers are routinely confronted by gray areas, which occur when there are multiple stakeholders demanding critical thinking. Regardless of title or profession of origin, practitioners must appreciate that dealing with ethical dilemmas acknowledges there may not be a clear right and wrong when a conflict occurs. Valuable resources such as the CCMC professional code of ethics, awareness of the 5 basic ethical principles, NASW Code of Ethics and CMSA Standards of Practice, should be viewed as practice guidelines and provide an excellent foundation in all disciplines. They improve the quality of care in the emerging models of care, and transitions of care in practice settings, highlighting the importance of communication among all providers and practitioners.

CMSA Members: Free 
CEs: 1 Hour Nursing, 1 Hour CCM, 1 Hour AWSB (Social workers must complete a post-quiz to receive a certificate). 

October 31, 2019 at 11am CT

Case Management Society of America
6301 Ranch Drive
Little Rock, AR 72223