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Case Management Adherence Guide (CMAG) Disease Specific Resource


CMAG’s evidence-based assessment tools provide case management professionals with updated assessment and intervention tools to improve patient medication and treatment adherence.

Disease-specific chapters provide case managers with more in-depth information on how to apply the CMAG principals to specific disease states and patient populations.


Consider this tool for you or your staff if you are a:

  • Case managers in all practice settings
  • Case Management leaders, supervisors, managers
  • Organizations focused on Population Health
  • Organizations looking to improve treatment adherence rates



Additional COPD Resources

  • COPD FoundationThe COPD Foundation provides COPD patients, families, and the healthcare continuum with information on COPD, treatment resources, support programs, research, and advocacy.



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Breast Cancer - Outdated

Depression - Outdated

Diabetes - Outdated

Pain - Outdated



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