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Chapter Leadership Resources

Chapter Development

Learn how to form a CMSA affiliate group in YOUR city by reading the Chapter Development Guide. This informational guide can give you the answers to crucial questions in your journey to become an Official Chapter of CMSA!

Connect with CMSA AmbassadorsLearn how to start your own local chapterModel Bylaws (Word version)Model Bylaws (PDF)

Recruitment & Retention Tools

These resources assist new and established chapters with the necessary tools to increase and retain members. Discover how to recruit members and support their involvement within the organization.

Learn how to recruit and retain members

Leadership & Governance Guides

Help your chapter officers develop the skills they need to become the leaders of tomorrow. These training and planning guides include templates and guidelines you and your officers will need to operate a successful CMSA chapter.

Learn more about important legal & financial issuesProtect your chapter with discounted insuranceLearn how to lead with success

Event Planning Guides

Download guides containing helpful tips for planning educational meetings and conferences. Learn how to manage budget, site selections, sponsorships, evaluations, and much more.

Connect with CMSA Ambassadors to learn more about CMSALearn how to plan your events

Chapter Liability Insurance

As a show of support to CMSA chapters, a decision was made by the National CMSA Board to continue covering all of the local CMSA chapters under its Directors and Officers (D&O) and General Liability (GL) insurance policies. What does this mean for your chapter?

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