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Integrated Case Management

Integrated Case Management Manual: A Manual for Case Managers by Case Managers

Editors: Kathleen Fraser MSN, MHA, RN-BC, CCM, CRRN
Rebecca Perez RN, BSN, CCM
Corine Latour PhD, RN

CMSA’s Integrated Case Management delves into the role of the case manager and unpacks how case managers assess and treat complex patients. These are patients who may be challenged with medical and behavioral conditions, access to care services, as well as chronic illnesses and disabilities, and require multidisciplinary care to regain health and function. With a wealth of information on regulatory requirements, new models of care, integration of services, digital and telemedicine, and new performance measures that are clearly defined for nurses in nursing terminology, chapters outline the steps needed to begin, implement, and use the interventions of the Integrated Case Management approach.

Key Features:

  • Aligns with the newly revised 2017 Model Care Act, the CMSA Standards of Practice 2016, and the CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management, Third Edition.
  • Helps readers enhance their ability to work with complex patients and learn how to apply new evidence-based assessments, as it fosters safe and high quality care.
  • Teaches case managers to evaluate patients for medical and mental health barriers in order to coordinate appropriate integrated interventions and treatment planning.
  • Tool integrates biological, psychological, social and health system assessment.
  • Supports the adult, elderly and pediatric complex patient population.

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Integrated Case Management Training Program

CMSA’s Integrated Case Management (ICM) program is an intensive, advanced program that includes self-study and interactive face-to-face training to better prepare case managers for the work needed to impact complex populations, both adult and pediatric.

Organizations and individual case managers are challenged to demonstrate improved health outcomes for populations that have multi-morbid health conditions.  Often, these clients experience challenges and barriers with medical and behavioral conditions, as well as social issues.  The complexity present can be overwhelming to the not only the client, but also to the healthcare team attempting to assist.

CMSA’s ICM program provides multiple strategies to engage clients, stratify risk, and develop care plans to mitigate risk and help clients achieve improved health and well-being. Our training includes review of “CMSA’s Integrated Case Management Manual: For Case Managers by Case Managers,” 3 hours of webinar presentations and 12-16 hours of face-to-face practical application of the method.

 Topics Included

  • The Evolution of Case Management and the Professional Case Manager
  • Mechanics of ICM, Health Complexity, and Integration between Behavioral Health and Physical Health
  • Common Physical and Mental Health Conditions
  • Addressing Social Determinates: Clinical versus Non-Clinical Issues
  • Professional Case Management Accreditation Care Coordination Measures and Outcomes


Program Elements

  • ICM Manual Study
  • Webinar training sessions
  • Face to face training
  • Nursing, Social Work and CCM CEU’s: 30 hours at completion of the program
  • Certificate in Integrated Case Management upon completion of the program

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