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Mary Beth Newman, CMSA 2011-2012 PresidentIt is with great excitement and pleasure that I invite you to CMSA’s 22nd Annual Conference & Expo in the “City by the Bay”—San Francisco!

Our theme for this year’s conference: “Spanning the Waves of Change in an Ocean of Opportunities,” underscores what an exciting time it is to be in health care, especially as a case management professional. Transformational changes are happening at an unprecedented rate in terms of new ways of delivering health care, including significant shifts in practice towards truly collaborative, patient-centered, quality-driven models of care.

These waves of change are creating oceans of opportunities for the case management profession. CMSA knows that case managers are the bridge that will allow all the key stakeholders—patients, health care professionals, payors, and policymakers—to safely and successfully span these waves of change in our ever-changing world of health care.

So, come join us in beautiful San Francisco, and be a part of CMSA’s 22nd Annual Conference & Expo to learn more about these waves of change and the opportunities for your professional practice. Keeping up with new models of care, new rules and regulations, new research and evidence-based practice, and new forms of technology are an evergrowing challenge. CMSA’s Annual Conference helps meet that challenge by providing a myriad of focused educational sessions, symposiums, poster presentations, and other learning opportunities. You will enjoy four days packed with professional networking opportunities with fellow colleagues and thought leaders in the field of case management. You will also have ample time to visit with more than 300 exhibitors, and enjoy some fabulous food in our legendary Exhibition Hall.

CMSA’s Annual Conference is known as the premier educational event for the case management industry. Being a part of the conference, and taking advantage of all it has to offer, will enable you to keep pace with changes; and raise your awareness, understanding, and knowledge of best practices and innovations in case management today.

Our San Francisco conference promises to be our best conference yet! Join us in June, and learn how you can enhance your professional career by Spanning the Waves of Change in an Ocean of Opportunities!


Mary Beth Newman
President, CMSA 2011-2012 Board of Directors

Keynote Presentations: Inspiration for Your Heart and Soul
Charity Tillemann-Dick
Soprano, Composer
Kathleen Passanisi, PT, CSP, CPAE
Therapeutic Humorist

Humor for the Health of It

Kathleen Passanisi, PT, CSP, CPAE

Feeling stressed by a heavy work load, ever-increasing regulations, rapidly changing technology, demanding patients, burned-out co-workers, the lousy economy, or just everyday hassles at home? Join Kathleen Passanisi and find out why laughter really is great medicine — especially for health care professionals.

Humor and laughter are not only acceptable in health care — they are desirable. Plus, they have a positive impact on physical and emotional health. And, when people enjoy themselves and their work, it results in higher morale, increased productivity, and better patient care. Learn how to develop your sense of humor and use it as a creative force, communication tool, energizer, stress reducer, and team booster.

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Lowell B. Catlett, Ph.D.
Regent's Professor, New Mexico State University

How Health Care Dominates 21st Century Economics

Lowell B. Catlett, Ph.D.

The world’s biggest economy is on track to prosper and grow in energy, lifestyle markets, and health care. The health care industry will grow more rapidly than any sector; and it isn’t just an aging population that is impacting health care, but a major revolution in how health care is delivered and new paradigms on healthy lives. Non-tethered technology and centers for excellence will make health care borderless and holistic. Get ready for a world where your morning latte is by prescription, and diagnostic centers staffed with dogs are the norm. The gains in human and animal health, and economic growth, will stagger the imagination.

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