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Recipients of the Case Manager of the Year Award

Recent Award Recipient

CMSA’s 2017 Case Manager of the Year Award recipient is Ellen Aliberti RN, BSN, PHN, CCM, MS.


The 2017 Case Manager of the Year is Ellen Aliberti RN, BSN, PHN, CCM, MS. Ellen has worked in many healthcare settings in various leadership roles for over 30 years with a reputation of passion, drive, motivation and most of all energy and advocacy.

She is a certified case manager, and the clinical educator of DaVita Healthcare Partners Nevada, where is responsible for both medical assistants and nursing staff clinical education training. Ellen has worked collaboratively with the care management leadership within her organization to develop a more robust assessment and care planning platform. Ellen is the founding president of the Case Management Association of Las Vegas, where she was instrumental in building the professional case management community through her passion of teaching, educating and supporting the case managers.

Over the last couple of decades she has also served with other organizations, including the Practice Change Fellows, a national organization focused on mentoring new leaders in geriatric care; the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-sponsored HMO workgroup on case management; and the March of Dimes. Through the South Nevada Chapter March of Dimes she recieved the Nurse of the year in Managed Care and the Nurse of the Year in Education. She serves as the Chair for the March of Dimes Nurse of the Year committee, and as a member of the CMSA editorial board. Ellen is a prolific writer adn has published and/or contributed to several articles, white papers as well as a CCM study course.

Ellen stated the following about the honor of her award: “Receiving the CMOY award from CMSA was a true honor, and reaffirmed my lifelong passion for case management. I owe a lot of gratitude to CMSA to both the leadership and members at large for sharing their wisdom and experience with such transparency, and providing case managers with a collective voice.”

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