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CMSA's 25th Conference & Expo

CMSA Annual Conference & ExpoOn June 23-26, 2015, join CMSA for an epic celebration in June 2015, as case managers from around the globe descend upon Orlando to celebrate 25 years of case management growth and advancement as an essential healthcare practice.

CMSA’s 25th Annual Conference & Expo will take you on a transformative journey of education and inspiration, empowering you to craft your most evolved case management practice. Your experience during the event’s educational sessions, symposia, forums and renowned expo will enable you to break down organizational silos, build energetic, interdisciplinary teams and use the power of storytelling as tools for more effective patient engagement.

  • Examine the ways in which organizational silos limit case management effectiveness and career success.
  • Discuss and build strategies to create and support energetic interdisciplinary teams.
  • Explore the power of storytelling and related linguistic elements (i.e., anecdote, mnemonic, metaphor and analogy) as tools for effective patient engagement.

Whether you’re just getting into the groove of your career or your practice is finely tuned, join CMSA this summer to experience unparalleled clinical, professional and personal growth.

Who Should Attend?

CMSA's Annual Conference & Expo is the largest healthcare event bringing together case and care managers from across the care continuum. CMSA’s unique position as the most expansive multi-disciplinary case/care management organization in the United States attracts the highest caliber of attendees, speakers, products and services available in the industry today.

What does that mean for you, the case manager, care coordinator, social worker or related healthcare professional?

  • Cutting edge practice knowledge (do transitions of care, patient engagement and new care models ring a bell?)
  • Face-to-face interaction with your industry colleagues and thought leaders. And perhaps most important?
  • Space to break out of your shell – out of the ordinary workweek – to expand your mind and the possibilities for your career.

Make CMSA Annual a chapter in your 2015 story!

Why Attend?

This year’s conference offers a wide range of quality content, including concurrent sessions and poster presentations on topics such as healthcare reform, issues specific to disease states and practice settings as well as the latest innovations in technology and healthcare models.

Recent News

My Story: CMSA 2014-2016 President Kathy Fraser

Friday, February 20, 2015

Marsha Sinetar said, “When we see problems as opportunities for growth, we tap a source of knowledge within ourselves.” To be successful in the next decade, case managers will need to demonstrate foresight in navigating a rapidly shifting landscape of organizational forms and skill requirements.  Placing additional emphasis on developing skills such as critical thinking, insight, and analysis capability will bring the case manager to a place of innovation and discovery. 

From my 22 years of membership in this great organization, I have discovered that every level of participation, no matter how large or small, always proves invaluable in making the challenges of case management less arduous. CMSA’s annual national conference focuses on the most timely and relevant issues that pertain to case management today. I would recommend that every case manager attend this event for the unsurpassed educational and networking opportunities as well as the unforgettable memories it provides.

Why Orlando?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Orlando, FL. Bright, sunny, filled with memories of family and fun. Even if you have never travelled to Orlando, you surely know of it as a mega-vacation destination – possibly through your friends’ and family members’ Facebook updates, or the major hotspots that call it home such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and more. So why Orlando as the destination for CMSA’s 25th Annual Conference & Expo?

Experience the CMSA Difference!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Year after year, case managers from across the world anticipate attending CMSA’s Conference & Expo, which serves as the industry’s largest and most comprehensive showcase serving case/care management professionals.

By attending this event, case managers are able to take a transformative journey of education and inspiration, empowering them to break down organizational silos, build energetic, interdisciplinary teams, and use the power of storytelling as tools for more effective patient engagement.

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