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Title: Implementing Innovative Strategies Within VA Case Management
Date / Time: Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 04:15 PM - 05:45 PM
Sponsor(s): -
Speaker(s): Dariel J. Muldoon; Gloria A. Satti-Langlois; Donna C. Vogel
The Veterans Administration is taking the lead in expanding Case Management (CM) practice through health informatics, web-based tools, specialized training to implement evidenced-based disease management interventions, and innovative technology. Through participation in IHI Collaborative and national training programs, CM has improved access, clinical outcomes, and patient/caregiver/provider satisfaction; and decreased avoidable bed days of care (BDOC) and health care costs.

Innovations include:

• A CM tool identifying high-risk patients to provide early CM intervention; and an ER Case Manager has decreased avoidable admissions and improved quality of life as evidenced by 14% growth in community-based care. Discharging over 60% of consults to EDCM resulted in transition to non-acute care setting or home with services.

• Implementing the cancer care navigator role, and developing a web-based Cancer Tracking Tool to track abnormal radiology findings. Facilitating a timely treatment had the following results: the percent of non small cell lung cancers diagnosed at VACT in stages I and II (curable by surgery) increased from 30% in 2006 to 48% in 2010. Nationwide, only 30% of lung cancers are diagnosed at these early stages.

• Utilizing telehealth technology to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Technology includes home telehealth technology to support patient care in their place of residence; clinical video teleconferencing to provide services across facilities; and clinical store and forward to provide specialty care in remote sites without specialty services.

• A Bed Management System is utilized to support timely transitions and efficiency. Bed Manager/ER, and Referral /Transfer Case Managers have significantly impacted safe and timely transitions as evidenced by a 19% improvement in patients discharged before noon; a 38% decrease in patients with extended length of stays over 30 days; and a 73% decrease in cost for community hospitalizations.